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Getting My House in Order

Sometimes I just can't keep up. Living in New York and Europe with my husband and three young children while running an international company gets a bit overwhelming at times. I love everything I do and I love all the things I have collected over the years, but keeping it all organized is a constant challenge. [...]

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Just what is Egyptian Cotton?

Egyptian Cotton is considered the most supreme type of Cotton produced in the world, grown along the banks of the Nile River in Egypt in fertile, rich soil. When expertly wovenand of the highest grade and length, Egyptian Cotton Luxury Bedding including Sheets and Sheet Sets, Duvet Cover Sets, Bedskirts, Shams, Down Comforter Exteriors, Pillow [...]

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Natural vs. Synthetic Fibers

The Danger of Chemicals in Fabric (Non- Iron) The Clothes that Kill You Slowly but Surely If you’re like most people I bet you never give a thought to whether your clothes are toxic… even if you take care to eat organic foods and use organic cleansers in your home. Keep reading and you may [...]

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